You are new to public speaking, let me help you become more confident and have more impact.

You have experience, you are comfortable but you would like to raise the bar, stand out as a speaker, be different, I can help you change the world.


Award-winning speaker
2016 World Championship of Public Speaking semifinalist.

Keynote speaker
As a leadership and communication freak, I like to provoke, disrupt and inspire.

My mission: Make a difference with people who want to make a difference doing something that makes a difference

I can customize my presentation to meet your needs and help make your event a stunning success


Would you like to bring your team to another level ?

I can craft a dynamic and interactive workshop or breakout session for your organization, suited to your needs and expectations.

- Communicate with more impact
- Conversation with the audience
- The Power of Storytelling
- Storytelling in Business
- The Power of Teamwork
- Leadership Bootcamp
- Speakers Bootcamp


With more than 30 years in sales and marketing, mostly in B2B sales.

I can help you communicate with your customers with more impact.

I can also train and equip your sales force.


Raymond is an exemplary speaker and an inspiring leader. I have attended his Speech Workshop and found it to be very informative, helpful and inspiring. It has helped me draft and deliver better speeches and presentations with confidence.

Let us train your group for success


Passionate about life and living
Communication & Leadership
Let me help unlock your potential


Quebecer makes semifinals at international public-speaking competition
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